Aligners are custom-made for you.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is the process of removing the infected, injured or dead pulp from a tooth.


There are several different types of fillings that can be used to fill a cavity, but the final decision on which type of filling is placed in your mouth is yours alone.

Crowns & Bridges

If your tooth is damaged but not lost, a crown (also called a cap) can be used to cover the damaged part of your tooth. A crown protects your tooth from further damage. A bridge will help replace one or more missing or badly damaged teeth.


Dentures are one way to restore a badly damaged tooth or replace a lost tooth.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are used to replace missing roots and support replacement teeth, which may be fixed to the implant(s). Or you may be able to take them out yourself.

Tooth Whitening

Although teeth are not naturally meant to be completely white, many Canadians want a brighter smile. Responding to this desire, a wide range of “whitening” options has become available to consumers.

Bonding & Veneers

Bonding and veneers make your teeth look better by changing their colour, shape or spacing.


It’s widely recognized that mouthguards can prevent broken teeth in both children and adults.